Top Secret Report with consumer behavior

The German motorcycle market in the year 2000

In a top-secret market survey, the German motorcycle association IVM has investigated the sales of motorcycle parts and apparel, along with consumer behavior in 1999. Usually, these figures would rot on the desks of tie-wearing IVM middle managers. However, Motorrad Handler “uncovered” the results of this highly interesting, top-secret industry investigation by sneaking a peek Read More

World’s safest riders

Riding While Fatigued

I was disappointed to read Aaron P. Frank’s commentary about his long-distance ride experience, “Yamahaulin” in the April 2004 issue of Motorcyclist. The Iron Butt Association (IBA) is dedicated to the sport of safe long-distance motorcycle riding, which requires that the participant ride within his or her personal limits. The rules for IBA events clearly Read More

Top bike Techs to Look Forward in 2016

Top bike Techs to Look Forward in 2016

We know that 2015 has been a year of ground breaking discoveries in the world of motorcycles, and 2016 seems to follow up as expected Most of these changes are linked to the European Union environmental legislations. Manufacturers have been doing research to keep their bikes within the boundaries of legality while not losing any Read More

Choosing the right riding partner

Choosing the right riding partner

Is your best friend a biker-head like you? No? Then you probably should pick him/her for your next long ride A long ride can become boring if you end up all by yourself. This is why more and more bikers tend to take friends with them out on the road. But who do you pick? Read More

Choosing the right size motorcycle helmet

How To Choosing the right size motorcycle helmet

It can get quite annoying if you don’t know how to look for it. But it won’t be a problem anymore. Get the right sized helmet that fits your head and your head only! There are many tricks out there that can help you find you head size without having to go through all the Read More

Gift Ideas for Bikers

Huffy Radio Bike

If you’ve been around biking for a while, you already know that every one of them has special needs, just like you. So before buying anything consider getting your motorcycle bud a gift card that he can use however he likes and wherever he likes. That way, you will not end up giving your pal Read More

How To Motorcycle Across America – 2 wheels and 50 States

How To Motorcycle Across America

2 wheels and 50 states If that title makes you think about you, your hot rod, two wheeler or your cruiser and the wind blowing by you, then you already have in plan to go across the United States by motorcycle. This has been a dream for many motorcycle enthusiasts and has frightened the most Read More

I Am A Bikie, Hear Me Roar

safe_image (4)

I am a bikie, hear me roar When Ann Wearne and her husband separated, she got on with raising their three children, moved house, got a job and bought herself a motorbike. Wearne realised what she had been missing. Her first ride, on the back of her boss’ “midlife crisis” motorbike, was a revelation. She Read More

What You Need To Know About Silent Motorbikes

BRD redshift mx

“Silent? But why? I love the sound of that engine…” Yes, it does sound a bit counter-intuitive to have a silent motorbike when you think about it. Most of the daily motorbike riders actually love to make all that noise. On the other hand, since car producers have decided to protect the environment by creating Read More